The Tanning Salon

Our dedicated UV tanning salon team look forward to helping you glow

★ Are you getting ready for a special occasion?

★ Are you looking to add some glow after a long winter?

★ Perhaps you’re getting ready to go on a dream holiday?

Whatever your reason, we are on hand to offer you a quality tan in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

We have multiple UV  tanning packages available

Whatever your tanning preference you will find professional advice and equipment with our brand new Luxura X7 vertical tanning beds which come with:

  • A touch screen control panel
  • An MP3 connection so you may listen to your own music throughout your session.
  • And which include 48 x 200W lamps and are fitted with EU compliant tubes.

Lotions are available to purchase from our salon reception where our friendly staff will be happy to recommend the right product for you.

If you want to know more about UV Tanning at Mark Lee Hair, give us a call on 01759 306200